Monday, 16 January 2012

Honey for health benefits

When people actually begin to use honey? Activities to collect honey reputedly been going since 10,000 years ago. Evidence that contain this opinion is the finding pictures on the wall in a cave in Valencia, Spain. The figure shows two men using a ladder made from a type of wild grass was reaching for a honeycomb containing honey. At first, people take better advantage of honey as food. Then, the use of honey is no longer limited to just consumed as a sweetener.

Energy sources
In the past, the Roman and ancient Greek athletes took honey before and after competing as a remedy for stamina and energy restorer. For centuries, honey is known as fuel for athletes is because honey contains sugar is rapidly absorbed by the digestive system so honey is a source of instant energy. Until now, the sports world honey given before the game and used as a substitute for carbohydrates during exercise.

As effective as glucose
The results of research which issued a medical journal mentions levels of glycemic index (GI measure to measure the negative impact of food in blood sugar) is low on honey slows the absorption of sugar in the blood so that more healthy digestive system and ensure the availability of carbohydrates during exercise. Meanwhile, the Laboratory of Nutrition at the University Mempish stated that honey is as effective as glucose for carbohydrate replacement heating.

Wound healing
In the world of medicine the Greeks and Romans pioneered the use of honey to treat nasal congestion while the ancient Egyptians pioneered the use of honey to treat wounds. They make an ointment of honey to treat burns and puncture wounds caused by sharp objects.

As antibiotics
After thousands of years of use, the efficacy of honey as a wound revealed in scientific medicine. Honey works as a natural antibiotic that sangggup defeat deadly bacteria. Honey is very acidic so it is not suitable for the growth and proliferation of bacteria. Honey produces hydrogen peroxide which is an incredible anti-septic. The process of osmosis in the viscosity of honey honey eradicate the bacteria that contain little water to give a process of osmosis to absorb water from the bacteria in wounds and burns, is like a sponge absorbs water. Honey dry bacteria so the bacteria difficult to grow.

Kill germs
Extraordinary nutrient content among other free amino acids in honey can help cure diseases. Honey contains antibiotic substances that are useful for defeating pathogens causing infections panyakit. Following the ancient Egyptians after a scientific study to discover facts, honey ointment for wounds are now in production in Australia.

Egypt is known Bangsaa most expertly concocted drugs from natural ingredients. Honey is included in the 500 prescription drugs than 900 recipes that are known. Modern medicine which refers to the therapeutic use of honey from ancient Egypt are satisfied with the results.
Treating ulcers
University of Wisconsin Medical School Hospital and Public Health, for example, Applying honey therapy for ulcers suffered by diabetics. The trial against a 79-year-old patient had healed ulcers on his toes. The patient did not even amputated thanks to the honey therapy.

In New Zealand, honey therapy managed to cure blisters on the backs of patients who are too old lying in a hospital bed. In the United Arab Emirates, honey treatment for wounds caused by herpes and genital lips penyambuhan accelerate and reduce pain. Meanwhile, to prove the role of honey as an antioxidant researcher at the University of California proved able to increase honey consumption of antioxidants in the blood. Tests on rats to assess the ability of honey increases the absorption of calcium give satisfactory results. Research at Purdue University concluded, the consumption of calcium supplements with honey can improve the absorption of calcium by the body.

Why Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth's long-lived? Can be believed, honey plays a major role in maintaining health so make keduannya longevity. For the British Royal family, breakfast honey is their daily habit of applying a high-quality honey on bread. Natural sweetness of honey is used in England until the mid-17th century. These habits had changed when sugar is considered more classy started in production. But after the widespread use of sugar is no longer confined to the upper class, the royal family returned to consume honey. That's why they are well maintained health.

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