Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Keeping Endurance Body Stay Healthy

Living in this day and age requires us to always be able to maintain health, given the increasing amount of pollutants generated from our daily activities. If not, then the disease would be easy to drop into our bodies. Especially these days often encountered outbreaks of certain diseases, of course, you still remember the bird flu or swine flu is not it? Not to mention the dengue fever or elephantiasis, health is essentially set in stone. Therefore, we must always manjaga our immune system to be able to resist various diseases that might stop by. On this occasion, we try to share how to keep the immune system in order to remain vibrant.
Here are tips you can do:
  • Enough nutritious food.
Nutritious food is always needed by the body. Therefore, give a good supply of nutrients for your body, eat nutritious food. Foods that have good nutritional value is four of five perfectly healthy diet.
  • Enough sleep.
How busy activity you have, try to always sleep enough each day. In order for your optimal sleep then it is advisable to sleep for at least 8 hours. With adequate rest, then your body will always fit, and durability of the body will remain vibrant.
  • Rutinlah exercise.
The experts also suggest that we should always exercise routine. By exercising your physical ability will be better, endurance will automatically be good also. Each time you exercise, get sweaty, but do not be imposed too heavy, do it according to your abilities.
  • Vitamin Supplement.
Eat a vitamin every day, but it would be nice if the vitamin follow your doctor's instructions.

Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol.

Whatever the reason, alcohol and cigarettes has been proven scientifically and medically detrimental to human health. If you've never consume it, then avoid, lest you get stuck in a circle smoking and alcohol addiction. But if you are already ensnared by the alcohol and cigarette addiction, then try as hard as you, that ye may escape from the bondage of cigarettes and alcohol.

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