Sunday, 30 September 2012

17 way to train baby talk

17 way to train baby talk

  1. Speak with a gentle voice, as they prefer to hear a soft voice
  2. Always speak slowly and clearly with him, do not forget to make eye contact with your baby
  3. When in use to play with him, turn the radio & tv, because it can disrupt concentration
  4. Choose a simple sentence
  5. Encourage your child to talk as much as possible early on although she blm's time to talk
  6. Repeat what he said, this will clarify the meaning
  7. Ask questions that elicit a response of more than one syllable, though the answer is less clear tp we are going to honor hrs
  8. Encourage your child to play. boo play, tebak2an, bathing, eating, etc.
  9. Avoid talking rude and nasty in front of the child, because it can be replicated
  10. Pay attention when he started talking, his face and expression as we know what you're saying
  11. Tell the activities that just you and your child to do, such as bathing your child, read stories, play etc.
  12. Feedback on the chatter, saying with true & jgn dicadelkan
  13. Introduce your child to himself, for example, showing where the eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, etc.
  14. Introduce your child to the benda2 around like chairs, tables, lamps and the surrounding area such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.
  15. Anak2 Playback singing songs with your baby
  16. Read the books, select books with pictures that are attractive and colorful so that your child interested
  17. If your child pay attention when we are talking to, we could go on but if he can turn our attention to try again another time

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